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Contact details -  icon MRFC YOUTH CONTACTS 16-17 (221.95 kB)

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Morpeth RFC Ethos and Values (October 2014)

The management groups of Morpeth Rugby Football Club are committed to fulfilling and upholding the following values and standards:
* To play to win but to play to enjoy
* To aspire to be the very best rugby club we can
* To play as one Club and to foster team spirit across ALL teams
* To help all players achieve their full potential regardless of age, standard or ability
* To provide the very highest standards of coaching and support that we can
* To foster an environment based on friendship, trust, transparency and respect
* To create ambassadors of the club and role models for the game of rugby
* To promote equal access and opportunity for all.

Mission Statement – Mini & Junior Rugby Morpeth RFC

                         “ rugby for everyone." 

To promote and develop the game of rugby football within the community in order to encourage maximum participation and enjoyment at all levels.   How will Morpeth mini and junior section fulfill its mission: 1)  Training - Focus is on participation with the goal that every player enjoys their rugby, in a safe environment, at a level appropriate to their skills and physical capabilities. We welcome players of all abilities and gender.  Morpeth will provide training and development opportunities to improve and develop the skills of all participants and look forward to the potential for future development.  2) Team selection - In Mini rugby from Under 6s to Under 9’s, players and teams are not graded by ability.  In under 10’s to u12’s players are graded on their ability to demonstrate the basic skills of the game. Under 13 to Under 16 players are selected with the skills necessary for the particular position, and their ability to participate in a team environment. The coaches will assess each team on its merits. Players should play at a standard and in a position where they are appropriately challenged and provided with an opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills.3) Matches - the objective is for players to enjoy their rugby and be competitive. We will not focus nor measure success by the number of wins.  We will champion a positive attitude towards the team over the abilities of individual achievement. 4) Playing time - firmly encourages equal game time for all players in a squad.  The club recognises at certain times (cup matches only) that coaches and managers may wish to field the strongest side possible. Where this is done, team management will consult with the players and parents. The team management will ensure that game time expectations are understood and agreed to before game day. 5) Forward Planning – All coaches, players and parents will look to the future of Morpeth Rugby Club and not just their immediate age group. We will acknowledge that players develop at different rates of maturity and ability. Junior coaches will plan ahead for colts and senior rugby and aim to deliver a strong squad of players to the senior section

Parents of players in the Mini and Junior sections are required to be full members of the club, giving them voting rights and access to the International ticket ballot along with senior players and full non-playing members. All fees are due before the first competitive match of season. 


Training on Sunday mornings starts at 10:30hrs. Children must be aged 5yrs or over to start playing rugby. 

If you would like to join us for this season please see the contact section for details of our Mini /Junior coaches and officials.


Fixtures 2016-2017;

Under 7s to Under 16s :icon MRFC Youth Fixtures 2016-2017 (13.29 kB)


Membership Forms

  See "Teams" main page and scroll down

icon RFU youth reg form







 Contact Details

If you have any general questions or comments regarding Morpeth Mini/Junior rugby then please contact one of the following people: 

Mini/Junior Secretary

James Richfield email -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

(m) 07970 704704

Junior Fixtures -  Phil Souter -   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mini’s Chairman - Barry Ayliffe -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Child Welfare -If you have any queries around Child Welfare at Morpeth RFC our welfare and vetting volunteers are:

Debbie Yilmaz  -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Matt Crooks  -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

documents concering child wefare are at the end of the page 


Youth Contact details -  icon MRFC Youth Contacts 2015-16 (192.97 kB)



Coach info Match Days

inform section co-ordinator with match day number by the wednesday before the fixture.

do not organise fixtures without confirming availability of pitches with fixtures co-ordinator - Phil Souter

Home games - Confirm number of players with opposition and your own team. Give the number of players expected to eat to the follwoing : Junior fixtures - Phil Souter, Mini fixture - Barry Ayliffe 

ensure "no parking cones" are on Mitford road pitch 3 and collect after the match

If the match is cancelled/rearranged inform coaches / parents / catering & bar managers.

Ensure parents/coaches park in the proper car parks and consider arranging the use of school car parks.

REFEREE! not forget to organise a referee for your game.

Away games - Remember to confirm the fixture and give the hosting team an estimate of the number of players you expect to attend and the number of players likely to remain for food. Ensure all parents have directions to the fixture.


The documents below are the RFU aims for the mini/midi rugby age groups.


 icon rfu u7's rugbyicon rfu u8's icon rfu _u9s icon rfu u10s icon rfu u11s icon rfu u12s


for coaching info please follow the links at the bottom of "Teams" on the header 


Training Days

Training pitches - Check which pitches are to be used  If the weather is bad or the pitches are waterlogged use the training areas only (especially mid week training). ENSURE that training areas are cleared of litter/animal droppings and any other item that may cause harm or injury to someone BEFORE training commences. 

Training days - as per teams section on this website.

Sunday - mini/junior all age groups from 10:30am - children MUST be 5yrs of age or older.

Car parking - Advise parents that there is no car parking in the roads or driveways of the houses adjacent to pitch 3. Considering booking the local schools for car parking on match days. Chantry School Caretaker - 01670 512874 



Rugby is a game of long traditions which have developed over time into a number of values that guide the way the game is played and how players, coaches, officials and supporters conduct themselves. At its core, rugby is a physical game and a fundamental value is one of respect - for opponents, teammates and officials. Rugby for the vast majority, remains a sport played for enjoyment. As such, other core values we aspire to are firm and inclusive. You will find that values embedded in the codes of conduct and the minis terms and conditions below.

Parents Code

• Always be aware of the Club and RFU’s policy on child protection. Employ best practice at all times

• Do not force an unwilling child to participate - its supposed to be for them, and you may put them off rugby forever

• Encourage your child to understand and play within the rules.

• Teach your child that taking part and trying your best are more important than winning.

• Focus your child on practicing their skills, sportsmanship and being part of a team. Winning isn't everything and not everyone can score the winning try.

• Support and encourage your child - never criticize them for making mistakes. Console them for losing, but encourage them to try harder next time.

• Set an example for sportsmanship - applaud good play by all.

• Never publicly criticize a referee or linesman - there is no place for 'touchline rage' in mini rugby.

• Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children's sport. Report anything to the Child Protection Officer or Chairman.

• Help the club function properly by turning up on time with the appropriate kit. Be prepared to help out if asked.

• Support your coaches - they are giving up their time to train your child. If you have any issues with the way a coach is performing, talk to them first. Refer any issues to an Officer of the Club.


Coaches Code

• Don't overload young players with demands, technical information and tactics - remember they are children and they are playing rugby for fun.

• Don't over play the better players - include everyone.

• Players develop at different times and in different ways - make allowances for their physical, emotional and mental maturity and development.

• Winning isn't everything - teach your players to enjoy taking part and performing to the best of their ability. Encourage each player to reach his or her potential.

• Never abuse, criticise or ridicule children for making mistakes or losing a game.

• Be organised - establish a structure for the season, prepare a coaching plan for each session, have the appropriate kit. Above all, communicate to players, parents and fellow coaches to set expectations.

• Make sure players develop an understanding of the rules and laws of the game, that they respect opponents, teammates, coaches and officials.

• Never question an official's judgement or honesty.

• Ensure players and parents behaviour is appropriate and in keeping with the spirit of the game and the expectations of the Club.


Players Code

• Play to enjoy rugby - always try your best to improve your skills and play well.

• Play within the rules and laws of the game.

• Never argue with referees or coaches - their decision is final, (even if you think that they are wrong).

• Rugby is a team game - do your best for your team mates and don't try to grab all that glory for yourself.

• Don't show off, lose your cool, pick on other players or generally misbehave - it's not part of rugby.

• If you lose, accept it with good grace and try harder next time.

• Respect good play - from opponents or your team.

• Help team mates, opponents, coaches and officials - you can't play rugby on your own.

The codes of conduct above set out the values and behaviours we strongly aspire to at Morpeth RFC.


Child Welfare

Click on the links below for further information and contact our Child Welfare Officer if you have any queries.

icon MRFC Club Welfare Policy

icon Child Welfare Policy (35.5 kB)

icon Playing Up Procedures (42.5 kB)

icon Welfare of Young People Policy and Procedures (107.95 kB)

icon Welfare of Young People Policy Guidance (2.99 MB)

icon Parent / Guardian and Young Person Photographic Permission Form (32.81 kB)

icon Welfare of Young People Photographic Policy Statement (33.06 kB)

icon RFU and RFUW Incident Record Form (46.29 kB)

icon Child Welfare Parent Guide (818.51 kB)

icon Safeguarding Introduction (263.68 kB) 





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